even if lil e regains all of his memories hell never be able to go back to being who he was before the lethe. hes experienced things he never did before, he’s felt things he never did before. 

hes felt the experience of truly having a friend that you genuinely care about and know would do anything for you, hes felt the pain of remorse and guilt for the bad things youve done. he isnt convinced that everyone is against him anymore. 

if he got his memories back he’d still remember how upset he was to learn about how hateful he’d been in the past, he’d still remember how much he cares about tange. he’d still remember the fun times they’re having together. and those are things that can change a person.

i think that he is slowly getting his memories back???? like at least he has some kind of subconscious knowledge about certain aspects of his past (the bullies knocking down his block tower, his failed birthday party) or something so i dont think itd be a stretch to say hes getting them ALL back one-by-one

but yea. if lil e got his memories back he wouldnt suddenly go back to the sociopathic tendencies and establishing his hate for everyone around him every chance he got. i dont think hed even slightly be conflicted about whether or not he would go back to who he was before the lethe or staying who he was afterwards.

because he’s happy now??? truly happy??? without having to pine away for some father figure that was barely even present in his life???